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Wildflower Meadows

Creating a wildflower meadow, whether large or small, will give your garden a more natural, relaxed feel and attract pollinating insects and other wildlife. We provide our Wildflower Meadow planting services throughout Lancashire, Ribble Valley, Cumbria, Merseyside and further upon request.

Wildflower Turf generates significant advantages over the alternative methods of establishing a wildflower habitat.

We are accredited installers for Wildflower Turf. This is a type of turf system that is soil free and is made up of hardy and versatile wildflowers that are able to thrive in a wide range of soil types. As this turf is nursery grown, the wildflower plants are able to retain 100% of the root system within the wildflower mat for maximum growing potential.

We install Wildflower Turf as opposed to seed as this can provide an instant wildflower area and 100% more reliable.

Wildflower Turf is fantastic for local biodiversity and there are a range of mixes to choose from using a variety of British native species. Whether you need plants for shady areas, or you’d prefer a vibrant and colourful mix of plants, Wildflower Turf has the perfect solution. In addition, the flowers in each of the turf mixes have been carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn. This means that you can enjoy your wildflower meadow for longer throughout the year.

With professional installation from our team here at Claire Kenyon Landscapes, the plants within your Wildflower Turf are sure to have the best possible start for healthy and strong development over time.

Advice & Guidance

Advice & Guidance

Do you need some expert advice on your garden? I provide one-to-one teaching mentor sessions. Tailored to your level of knowledge and garden needs, this ranges from a few hours to a day for beginners. This can give you a good insight into how to go about achieving what you want in your garden.


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